Porto Seguro

Our Campuses

The School has a wide variety of learning spaces, with sports, cultural and technological facilities. Each area offers the infrastructure suited to the needs of students in their different stages of development, from Portinho to High School.

Morumbi Campus

The building where the Morumbi Campus is currently located opened its doors on October 18, 1974, for 1,597 students who studied at the former School headquarters on Rua Olinda, São Paulo Downtown. In 1959, the proposal that best combined avant-garde architecture with pedagogical requirements was chosen by a competition. The winning project, originally designed for a plot of land by the Pinheiros River, was signed by Plínio Croce, Roberto Aflalo and João Xavier.

Valinhos Campus

Founded in 1983, near to important intercity access roads, Valinhos Campus has become a local reference, greeting students from 25 cities, even outside the metropolitan area of Campinas.

Panamby Campus

Panamby Campus opened up in 1997 to supply the excess demand from Morumbi Campus, located 4 km away. In 2000, once all the facilities were ready, the Campus took in more than 2,000 students.

Vila Andrade Campus

Motivated by the ideal of a fairer future for the country, the Institute founded the Free School in 1966. Currently called Vila Andrade Campus, the site is an educational center for around 1,200 students, all of whom receive full scholarships.



Rua Floriano Peixoto Santos, 55 - Morumbi São Paulo - SP

CEP: 05658-080

Phone: +55 11 3771 8000


Rua Itapaiuna, 1355 - Panamby

CEP 05707-001

Phone: +55 11 3747 9000


Rod. Visconde de Porto Seguro, 5.701 - Vale do Itamaracá

CEP 13278-327

Phone: +55 19 3859 6000

Portinho Morumbi

Rua Leocádio Ferreira, 20 - Morumbi

CEP 05659-030

Phone: +55 11 3771 8161

Portinho Panamby

Rua Itapaiuna, 1350 - Panamby

CEP 05707-001

Phone: +55 11 3747 9251

Portinho Valinhos

Alameda Itatuba, 236 - Vale do Itamaracá

CEP 13278-520

Phone: +55 19 3859 6121

Vila Andrade

Rua Maria José da Conceição, 166 - Vila Andrade

CEP 05730-170

Phone: +55 11 3740 1099

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