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Colégio Visconde de Porto Seguro was founded by the German community in 1878 and, since its inception, it has valued one of the main attributes of humanity: the power to experience constant transformations by educating children and young people.

Even with the significant changes that have taken place over time in society and in the world, Porto has outdone itself, becoming a reference in Education. In more than a century of history, our great mobilizer was the people: students, parents, teachers, advisors, directors and so many employees who daily passed through our gates and made us reach a place we are proud of - a school that respects its roots, works with excellence in the present and offers its students wings for the future.

In current times, the contemporary world is redesigned, much more connected and challenging. We are facing the 4th industrial revolution and, at the same time, the era of multiple talents. Regarding Basic Education, international trends and the new National Curriculum Common Base in Brazil point to the need for new learnings for the 21st century.

In this context, a modern curriculum design involves not only the interdisciplinary interweaving of different areas with their learning goals, but also affective bonds, hybrid methodologies, the use of new learning spaces and resources with technology, as well as innovative actions and differentiated assessments.

The mission of Colégio Visconde de Porto Seguro is to offer learning journeys so that each student develops multiple talents in integral education. This, in turn, encompasses the fundamental concepts of different areas of knowledge, emphasizing language learning, global connections, sustainability, socioemotional intelligence, and digital education. All this so that our students can be successful in putting into practice ideas and projects that shape, with excellence, a better tomorrow for all.

Our Port(o) opens up to the whole world.

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We are anInternationalSchool

In 2022, Colégio Visconde de Porto Seguro was recognized as an International School with both curriculum options: International and Bilingual, according to the international agreement with the German government. As such, the School grants better access to renowned Brazilian and international universities, issuing even proficiency certificates in three languages (German, English, and Spanish).

Double School Report

At Colégio Visconde de Porto Seguro, the students obtain two school reports: one for the basic education course, and another one for further education. The latter includes the various certifications they receive throughout their educational path in the fields of Languages, Sports, Technology and Culture, as well as exchanges, participation in social projects and experiences at prestigious universities and companies both in Brazil and worldwide.




Purpose – Discovering, awakening and developing various talents is today’s greatest contribution to create a better future.

Mission – Offering the students learning paths that allow them to develop multiple talents in the light of an integral education, which encompasses: fundamental concepts of diverse areas of knowledge, learning of languages, global connections, sustainability, socioemotional intelligence, and digital education. These should give the students the competency and confidence to implement ideas and collaborative projects capable of shaping a better future for all.

Vision – Being a benchmark in the development of learning paths that allow for the unfolding of multiple talents, the origination of new leaders and ideas, and the creation of inspiring, ethical and responsible actions and transformations.



A hybrid methodology uses diversified teaching methodologies, selecting what is most necessary for a given learning objective and bringing to the classroom the innovations that happen in educational processes, so that the pedagogical project of a school becomes more and more interdisciplinary.

This route includes dialogic methodologies, active methodologies, project methodology and problem-based learning, in addition to expository or inverted classes, also modifying the use of learning spaces and resources, especially technological ones. It is worth noting that innovative methodologies contribute to the development of communicative, collaborative, critical and creative skills, facilitating the learning process.



Porto Seguro’s evaluation processes, as well as our methodologies, are carried out according to the levels of development and continuously during the learning times. Evaluations are an essential part of schooling and a valuable tool for students to learn more and better, as well as making them able to adjust their school careers, with the support of their teachers.

Having different ways of evaluating our students means valuing the quality of learning that should promote school success, including the development of numerous skills and competences. Descriptive reports in Early Childhood Education, collaborative projects, seminars, presentations, fairs, simulations, exhibitions and individualized tests are instruments that provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their knowledge, overcome challenges and acquire confidence to establish relationships between their knowledge and the context of the world answering questions and solving problems for the present and the future.


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Certifications that inspire us to do our best

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