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  • Language Proficiency
  • Socioemotional Development
  • Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Projects
  • "For a Better and Happier Life" Program
  • Digital Education Curriculum
  • Financial Education Curriculum
  • Solidarity Curriculum
  • Literature Curriculum
  • Parent Committee, Student Committee and
          Teacher Forum
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“A feeling of great happiness! The support of everyone who was with me along this journey was very important for reaping good results. I thank the teachers especially, who have always been available and concerned with my learning.”

2nd place at USP (Food Engineering)
9th place at Unicamp (Food Engineering)
Studienkolleg: T-Kurs - Darmstadt and T-Kurs - Mainz

Bruna Giraldi Faccin


“Porto – aside from giving me the tools to make my choices autonomously, has transformed me as a student and a citizen. It worked out great! Now I hope it will be as good there as what I experienced here.”

1st place at USP (Dentistry)
1st place at Unesp (Dentistry)
Unip (Dentistry)

Maria Clara de Souza


“Porto was my gateway to knowledge and encouraged me to consciously choose my career, offering the tools to reach this achievement.”

2nd place at USP (Biotechnology)

Bruno Oliveira Fogaça


“I’m going to fulfill my dream and attend the Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin. The Charité is considered the best university hospital in Europe and has graduated many winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine. All my efforts, determination, and long hours of study have paid off. But above all, I’m grateful for the opportunity that Porto Seguro has given me. Taking the Abitur and enrolling in the International Curriculum opened doors to the world! And none of this would have been possible if it weren’t for the teachers and all the employees of Porto, for quality education that has led me and will lead me to many academic achievements.”

Abitur score 1.0
Admitted to all Medicine universities in Germany

Laura Martins de Almeida


“I see Porto’s main contribution to my results as the dedication of the teachers to propose current and relevant topics. By discussing things in this dynamic way, we were able to have a sufficient repertoire to face specific entrance exams, such as the ones at FGV and Insper. I see a good opening for students to focus on the type of entrance exam they want to focus on.”

Maximum essay score at FGV
FGV (Law)
Insper (Law)
PUC-SP (Law)

Pietro Lazarini Emsenhuber


“The teachers at Porto whom I had the pleasure of having classes with taught me the value of knowledge, which goes beyond the importance of the entrance exam, and remains for life.”

1st place at Unesp (Civil Engineering)
Poli-USP (Civil Engineering)
Unicamp (Civil Engineering)

João Paulo de Mello Barreto


“Porto has offered me an education that goes way beyond the exam subjects: projects, which fascinated me with opportunities for teamwork and experience sharing; teachers, who in an affectionate way would always challenge us to look at the world differently, to question our ways, and to face problems with responsibility; the scholarship, which incorporates the whole preparation Porto gave me and stands for everything I will take with me as I set off to explore the world!”

Biology student at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) in Munich, received a full scholarship from DAAD covering all basic expenses, a monthly subsidy as well as an insurance and travel coverage.

Isabela Tamaru Nakamura

Abitur Student

“Porto has been a lot more than just a school in my life. Not only has it formed me a student, it has fit me to deal with situations from the wide world. During my 11-year long educational path, I had the opportunity of being guided by excellent professionals, who contributed to my academic and personal development.

At the end of High School, I was admitted to higher education, becoming one of the first people in my family to ever start college. Undoubtedly, the preparation and knowledge that the teaching staff gave to me were decisive for this achievement. Thanks to the opportunities I had at Colégio Visconde de Porto Seguro, today I can access a level of education otherwise unreachable to me, given my background and the reality I came from. I would like to express my utmost thanks to Vila Andrade Campus and every professional involved in my education. And may this project continue to transform many other lives and families, and to make dreams come true through knowledge.”

Economics student at USP and recently hired by Bank of America.

Felipe Veras


“Porto cultivates curiosity from an early age, and the teachers keep that flame burning at all times, allowing students to explore everything knowledge has to offer.”

1st place overall at Poli-USP
1st place at Unesp (Physics)
5th place at Unicamp (Mathematics Applied to Business)
8th place at USP (Medicine)
Studienkolleg: T-Kurs - Darmstadt and T-Kurs - Mainz

Helena Moyen





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    • Panamby
    • Portinho Morumbi
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    • Vila Andrade

Portinho Morumbi

Portinho Valinhos

Portinho Panamby

Vila Andrade


We are very proud to share the latest issue of +Porto 2023, featuring learning indicators, students’ achievements and a summary of everything that happened in the course of the year. Enjoy the reading!


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