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Bilingual Curriculum

The Bilingual Curriculum presents an intensification of the workload in German and English, promoting mastery of these two foreign languages, as well as maintaining the Brazilian cultural identity with classes in Portuguese. Its curricular matrix guarantees the learning objectives of the National Common Curricular Base, but goes much further, promoting contact with the aforementioned foreign cultures, through experiences in diverse curricular components, from Kindergarten to High School.

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The curricular organization of Kindergarten in the National Common Curricular Base is structured in five experience fields, within which the learning and development objectives are defined. The experience fields constitute a curricular arrangement that welcomes the concrete situations and experiences of the children's daily lives and their knowledge, intertwining them with the knowledge that is part of the cultural heritage. The definition and denomination of the experience fields are related to the fundamental knowledge and the knowledge to be provided to children.
Elementary School is part of the basis for the other stages of Basic Education. During this period, the child's development is academically, personally and socially expanded, the child learns to read and to write, mathematical and scientific principles as well as the notion of space and time are developed, in addition to the development of other languages, such as aesthetic, musical, technology, body, and verbal language, including German and English.
Middle School continues the organic and progressive set of essential learning experienced by students. This is where the progression of work aimed at developing general skills in our young people, including abstraction and cognitive flexibility, begins. This process, combined with the deepening of the work done with the socio-emotional skills of self-knowledge, self-care, an empathetic look at diversity, flexibility and resilience, guided by the development of a systemic view, integrates the content worked on in Middle School.
High School is the final stage of Basic Education when our students improve and deepen their knowledge and start to outline their future paths by choosing the area of knowledge that is most attractive to them. Besides the General Basic Education, which is the same for all our students, High School offers elective learning advancement programmes and the opportunity to choose between English or German as the primary learning focus.

By choosing an Education Advancement Pathway, the students can prepare a theme project that will lead them to further studies and research in line with global perspectives, employing technological resources. In each project, the students will have, in addition to their teachers’ support, that of companies or universities offering mentoring programmes to help them develop their ideas innovatively. The Exhibition of Entrepreneurial Projects marks the project’s completion with presentations in different languages, covering research and innovation proposals and economically, socially, and environmentally relevant projects.

Choosing between English or German as the primary learning focus allows the students to tailor their education according to their preferences, goals and personal interests, making them ready for their academic and professional lives in a world that grows more interconnected and globalised by the day.

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